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Rachael’s Final Thoughts

Even though we’ve been home for a while now, I wanted to do one final post just to sum things up.  I couldn’t close out the Austin blog with a post about Colorado.  That just isn’t right. Even though the … Continue reading

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Moving & Packing. Packing & Moving.

Not everyone knew we were leaving Austin.  We kept it on the DL so we could surprise some peeps in GA, like Trav’s parents.  I started this blog post and kept it unpublished so I wouldn’t blow our cover. Monday … Continue reading

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“Give ‘Em A Quack For That!”

Dad and DW made another trip to Austin to celebrate Dad’s birthday.  We were all stoked that Dad is healthy and able to really enjoy this birthday. Because Dad has really been watching what he eats, neither one of them … Continue reading

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We Love Visitors!

A couple of weeks ago, Dad and DW flew into Austin to celebrate DW’s birthday weekend.  Because it was their second trip to see us, we had to make sure we showed them some new stuff. Because we missed it … Continue reading

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“Get Some!”

Each of our family vacations/outings/trips to the lake, etc. usually results in a theme of sorts.  By theme, I mean a phrase, or series of phrases that we repeat the whole time.  One trip to the lake was all about … Continue reading

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The Boys Are Back In Town

Pat and Tyler flew into San Antonio on a Wednesday and I drove down to act as a shuttle service for those bastards (they have several factoids proving they were the bastards of their flight, so they will be known … Continue reading

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A Visit from Johnny NoLight!

After several long months, Johnny NoLight was finally reunited with his buddy, Melvin Blooh. The purpose of Johnny’s trip was to record his debut album featuring hits like, “Day” and “I Wrestled a Deer” but we managed to have some … Continue reading

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