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Rachael’s Final Thoughts

Even though we’ve been home for a while now, I wanted to do one final post just to sum things up.  I couldn’t close out the Austin blog with a post about Colorado.  That just isn’t right. Even though the … Continue reading

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Why We Love Colorado

As most of you know, we left Austin, dropped our stuff off in Georgia and then turned around and went to Colorado to snowboard like maniacs for the rest of the season.  Here’s a little taste of why we love … Continue reading

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Gaper Day, Y’all!

If you’re anything like us, your first thought was, “What the heck is a gaper?” From this is acutally an acronym that stand for Guaranteed Accident Prone on Every Run. Referring for a skier or snowboarder, usually wearing bright … Continue reading

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Moving & Packing. Packing & Moving.

Not everyone knew we were leaving Austin.  We kept it on the DL so we could surprise some peeps in GA, like Trav’s parents.  I started this blog post and kept it unpublished so I wouldn’t blow our cover. Monday … Continue reading

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Hand Gestures!

Two weeks ago, Trav and I went to Colorado for a little fun in the snow.  We flew in a day early to hang out with Jmac and Carl in Boulder.  Boy, Carl sure was happy to see us! The … Continue reading

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