We (commonly referred to as Trav & Rach) moved to Austin, TX in March 2011.  Trav’s company, Averna Test Systems, selected him to work on a project with National Instruments for one year.

This blog will chronicle our time in the great state of Texas.

The name of our blog is a play on Austin’s area code, 512.  Because software development is the reason we’re here, we wanted to give it some sort of programming related twist.  Our result…9bitn00bz.  Here’s how we got there.  2 raised to the 9-th power is 512.  This means a 9 bit binary number allows 512 unique representations of those 9 bits.  Wow…512!  Austin’s area code!  Awesome!  What about n00bz?  Easy .. we’re new to Austin.  NERD ALERT:  We realize that in order to properly represent the number, 512, you actually need 10 bits (The maximum achievable decimal number with nine bits is 2^9 -1 which is 511).  However, we don’t believe in adding that extra bit and consequently wasting more computational resources and an additional 512 address spaces!  Base 0, man.


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