Rachael’s Final Thoughts

Even though we’ve been home for a while now, I wanted to do one final post just to sum things up.  I couldn’t close out the Austin blog with a post about Colorado.  That just isn’t right.

Even though the circumstances that took us to Austin weren’t so cool, we really enjoyed ourselves.  We loved exploring a fun new city.  We loved sharing the city with our friends and family that came to visit.  We loved living in a tiny house.  We LOVE Austin.

Austin will always have a piece our of hearts and we plan on visiting again…maybe sooner than you think.

Even though we’re back in the ‘burbs, in the same town we’ve lived in forever, we’ve got some cool stuff going on.  Like, so cool.  So, check out the new blog: Jacob Sent Me.

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One Response to Rachael’s Final Thoughts

  1. Mom says:

    I am glad I got to share a piece of Austin with y’all, I will be back!

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