Gaper Day, Y’all!

If you’re anything like us, your first thought was, “What the heck is a gaper?”


this is acutally an acronym that stand for Guaranteed Accident Prone on Every Run. Referring for a skier or snowboarder, usually wearing bright 80’s ski gear that cannot ski or ride, or a tourist in a mountain town who walks around with their mouth agape in awe of the mountains!
A skier or snowboarder who sucks and is usually spotted wearing clothing from 1983, but other clothing styles for them do exist. A dead giveaway of a gaper is when their pants are tucked into their boots and the famous “Gaper Gap” (a gap between the helmet/hat and the goggles).

On April 1st, we loaded up some food and beer and headed over to A-Basin to celebrate this glorious holiday with our spiritual guide, Reverend Cody, JMac and Annie.  I think Gaper Day can be summarized in two words: GIGANTIC PARTY.  Then, I’d add a little footnote along these lines: where everyone dresses like an idiot.  There was a little snowboarding, a lot of eating and even more beer drinking.

Cody took a ton of photos and no matter how I describe the event, I don’t think I could ever do it justice.  So here’s an insider’s peek at Gaper Day 2012 at A-Basin through the lens of Reverend Cody:

Trav helped Cody trim his beard.


Cody wasn't the only one in a blue onsie.

A Bunch of Gapers & a Hot Dog

This is what happens when you yell, "Come get in our photo!" to everyone getting off the lift. Awesome.

This one speaks for itself.

Long story short, Gaper Day is my new favorite holiday.

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