“Give ‘Em A Quack For That!”

Dad and DW made another trip to Austin to celebrate Dad’s birthday.  We were all stoked that Dad is healthy and able to really enjoy this birthday.

Because Dad has really been watching what he eats, neither one of them had eaten good pizza since they were here in October, so we headed straight for HomeSlice the night they arrived.

The next morning we got up early and headed to Snack Bar for breakfast.  Trav and I have been there several times for dinner and/or happy hour but this was the first time for breakfast.  I had the Egg & Gravy Biscuit (house buttermilk biscuit, 2 organic eggs, meat-free cream gravy); Trav had the Perico con Arepas (scrambled farm eggs, tomatoes, onions, poblano peppers, cilantro-avocado hot sauce, silver dollar corn cakes); Dad had an eggs/bacon/toast combo, and DW had grits with jumbo Gulf shrimp.

After breakfast, we headed over to the Austin Farmer’s Market to browse the fresh veggies and sample things like hummus and cheese.

Next we headed over to J Black’s Feel Good Lounge for drinks and appetizers.  They have huge mimosas!  And y’all know this girl loves that shamp.

The main event for Saturday was a duck boat tour.  It’s basically a historical tour of downtown Austin and this bus is also capable of “splashing down” in Lake Austin.  Our guide seemed drunk and was full of hilarious one-liners.  When we boarded the bus, they handed out these little duck-beak-quacker things.  If the driver told a funny joke, we’d quack.  If someone was crossing the street, we’d quack.  If a cyclist was next to the bus, we’d quack.  If a golfer was trying to take a swing, we’d quack.  You get the idea.  The back of the bus was rowdy and I’m pretty sure I laughed the whole time.

Saturday night, we cooked a meal at the house: steaks for Dad and DW, with grilled corn on the cob, fingerling potato and green bean salad, and rosemary bread.  YUM!

Sunday morning we had an awesome brunch at Opal Divine’s and then headed for the airport.

I was having so much fun all weekend that I literally took 3 photos…none of which are really worth sharing either.  I think I’ve done that enough times that now I’m adamant about capturing these wonderful times.

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