Segways In The City

Dad and DW gave us gift certificates to take a Segway site-seeing tour in downtown Austin. I was really nervous about actually being able to operate that intelligent piece of machinery.

Back in 2005, we rented scooters in Switzerland. I couldn’t get it off the kickstand, couldn’t get it started and then wasn’t able to steer it and ran into a fence. I just had images of that happening while on a Segway nearly 7 years later.

Funny, Pun-Intended Seg Shirts

Thankfully, we had a great guide and both of us were doing figure-eights after about 5 minutes of instruction. First stop: the capitol!

The Capitol

We cruised all around downtown Austin and random people gave us high fives.

The Hills and The City

For lunch, we stopped at a food trailer park that we’ve never even seen before. We both picked items from a place called The Vegan Yacht. Great food!

After that, we did a little shopping and then picked up a pie from HomeSlice. We brought it home so we could watch True Grit on Netflix. Awesome food…not so awesome movie. Oh well. Netflix still r00lz.

Saturday Night Feast

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2 Responses to Segways In The City

  1. Mom says:

    Rach and Travy –

    You have NO idea how much my heart fills up when I read these posts! The day you were born I had such high hopes for how you would grow up and what things I wanted you to do when you were grown. Well, young lady, daughter of mine, wife of Travis Hill, you have met and far surpassed my wishes, hopes and dreams. I am SO very glad the two of you met, fell in love and married! I think about the 2 of you every day and every conversation brings up a little bit of detail about ya’ll. Mark brags on all of his “kids” 8 of them I believe and you have really brought joy to us over the last 7 years (and of course all the years before) and I just wanted you both to know that. Happy President’s Day! I have the day off and after some much needed paperwork, I will enjoy a wonderful pasta dinner by a great man and sometime during the day brush the dog! BBITW I love you BMITW!! (What week are you coming?)

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