Home for the Holidays

Trav and I went home to spend the holidays with our families…minus my mom and the OK/DE Gates.  We arrived in Atlanta on my birthday and went straight to Ed & Tracey’s house.  We were greeted by the whole family, and Tracey had planned a little b-day celebration for me.  Best part of our arrival home?  Seeing CARL HILL!

Jmac surprised everyone by driving home with the one and only Carl Hill riding shotgun.

We’ve missed him so much and it was great being able to pet him every single day.  We spent a lot of time with family and had some much needed quality time with our friends.

A lot has happened in the last week (more on that later) and my memories of Christmas/New Years is already a little foggy.  I could go on and on about everything we did, so I’ll just sum it up nicely with a few photos from the trip:

Sibling Outing to Jason's Deli

Belina, My Chicken Bag

Hanging with Danielle, Kyle and many more!

New Christmas Tradition: Statue of Liberty Shots

Our Awesome Coffee Grinder (Thanks, Dad!)

(See "Sexy Paul Calendar" Behind Us)

Happy New Year!

Our Juicer!

Trav and I don’t take nearly enough photos with each other.  Gotta make that a priority from now on!  By the way, some of the pictures above were stolen from Danielle and Jessica — thank you, ladies!

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