Where’s Melvin Monday – Chapter 34

Where's Melvin?




We looked all over the house for “Houdini Melvin” and it seemed like he disappeared out of thin air.  When we finally found him, I couldn’t stop laughing.  Here are a couple of bonus photos:


I see you, Melvin.

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4 Responses to Where’s Melvin Monday – Chapter 34

  1. AK47 says:

    that is so cute. did i ever tell you about how we “lost” our brand new kittens in the house … ? when we first got charlie and whiskers they were a bit skittish in the house. big house. very small cats. one day we couldn’t find them. anywhere. we looked EVERYWHERE. you’ll never guess where we finally found them … go ahead. guess …

  2. AK47 says:

    wrong. you’ll never guess … they had climbed into the under-lining of the box spring mattress in the guest room. i had to take the entire bed apart and totally remove that lining to get them out. they were happy as clams there. no worries.

    • 9bitn00bz says:

      HAHAHA! That’s awesome! How did you find them there? Did you hear tiny little meows coming from that room?

      • AK47 says:

        i don’t remember how we found them … i was probably looking under bed and just happened to look upward and saw them in the lining. i don’t remember them meowing. they were happy as clams.

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