Miscellaneous Ramblings

At this time, we’re officially halfway through this NI mandate.  We really like what Austin has to offer, but this city can’t give us one of the most important things we’re missing…our friends.  We’re really looking forward to the upcoming holiday season so we can have a proper visit with friends and family.

We’ve been tossing around the idea of selling our house for a while now and have finally decided to act on it.  I went home for about a week and de-cluttered, cleaned, organized, repaired, painted, etc.  Every time I pulled up to the Goodwill donation area, the guys would say, “Back again?”  Mom and Mark came up for a day and helped with the yard work.  Man, it was nice to see my mom!  Damn!

This used to be my cake room. SniffSniff.

The sign went in the yard on a Wednesday and we had our first showing that Saturday.  We got some encouraging feedback that reassured us we’re doing the right thing.  Our real estate agent is the bomb.  He lives in our ‘hood and I have complete faith in him.  I plan on getting a little extra help from St. Joseph, as well.  He’s goin’ in the ground on Turkey Day!

About 9 weeks ago, I started training to be a pet nurse and it’s awesome!  My shifts are pretty much split between working as a nurse and at the front desk.  Man, I’ve learned so much and I always learn something new every day.  But, that’s also the downside.  I’ve seen what can happen as dogs, like Billoween, get older, the importance of at home dental care and how carrying just a few extra pounds can really effect your pet’s health and quality of life.  For the record, Melvin Blooh is at a good weight.  He’s just massive…long and tall.  It looks like he has a huge stomach, but it’s all soft, fluffy fur.

After work, Melvin sniffs my scrubs and then makes this face.

It’s really fulfilling to be able to help animals.  It’s sad at times (I’ve cried a few times), but for the most part, it’s a really “happy” job.  It’s so different from my last gig in Atlanta and I’m really enjoying it.

In the “Lake Day” post, I mentioned that Sally suggested we check out a TV show, but I don’t think I ever talked about it.  She introduced us to the glorious world of Trailer Park Boys. It’s a mockumentary about three friends who have grown up in the same trailer park.  And it’s not your typical southern, redneck dudes.  They’re Canadian which makes it even better.  Don’t like it?  Well, FRIG OFF, MR. LAHEY!

We have quite a few friends that love Arrested Development so we’re watching that now.  I’m laughing now just thinking about Buster.

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  1. Mom says:

    I miss my girl!

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