We Love Visitors!

A couple of weeks ago, Dad and DW flew into Austin to celebrate DW’s birthday weekend.  Because it was their second trip to see us, we had to make sure we showed them some new stuff.

Because we missed it the last time they were here, we went to HomeSlice the first night they were in town.  Trav and I can’t get enough of that place.  (On a side note, some peeps at work ordered pizza yesterday.  The old Rachael would have jumped on the offer to indulge in Pizza Hut pizza.  Not now.  I’m totally a Home Slice snob.  If I was gonna cancel out my work out from that morning, it wasn’t gonna be over that.)

Saturday we stopped in for brunch at Opal Divine’s and then did some window shopping.  A lot of street vendors were set up and I found this little terrarium (handmade by Plaid Pigeon).

Our Terrarium

It only has to be watered every couple of weeks and it can either sit on a shelf or hang from the ceiling.  They also make awesome little planters out of old plastic toys.  Check out the photos on their Facebook page.  I wanted one of those too, but I could just picture it becoming Melvin’s newest plaything.  Unless I chose the cactus…but that’s just mean.

Saturday night, we cooked dinner at the house, had a few brews and played cards.  Just like old times!  We had a nice lunch Sunday afternoon before they had to go back to the airport.

At this point, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to get here so we can go home and visit with ALL of our family at once and see our friends.  Man, we really miss our friends.

Next weekend, Ed & Tracey are making their first visit to Austin and Tyler will be out for his 3rd the following week.  SQUEEE!

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