“Get Some!”

Each of our family vacations/outings/trips to the lake, etc. usually results in a theme of sorts.  By theme, I mean a phrase, or series of phrases that we repeat the whole time.  One trip to the lake was all about Basin’:

Our trip to St. John?  “Here’s what we’re gonna dooooo!”  The recent visit from the “bastards” was DamnDudeGalacta.  I could go on and on.  If you have a funny one that I haven’t listed, feel free to leave it in the comments.  More on this later…

Megan recently made a trip to Austin before the start of her second bobsled season.  I didn’t have enough time to request off work for her arrival on Saturday so she and Trav went to the Texas Craft Brewers Festival and I met them at Home Slice for dinner.  We went home early so we could get some rest before our big day Sunday.

SIX FLAGS SUNDAY!  Every year NI rents out Six Flags Fiesta Texas for their employee appreciation day (which I’ve been looking forward to since we got here).  This day happened to fall on the weekend Megan was here so the three of us headed off to have some good ol’ fun on someone else’s dime.

Que the squealing from Rachael.

They provided food, a souvenir cup (with unlimited soda refills) and very SHORT lines.  We walked right to the front of the line on just about all the rides.  I think our max wait time was 10ish minutes.


While on a ride similar to Thunder River (for those of you familiar with Six Flags Over Georgia), a gush of water spilled into the raft.  Someone yelled “Get Some!” and that was it.  We said it for the rest of the day over and over on all the rides.  Well, I know I said it repeatedly.


The Rattler is a wooden coaster and we rode it three times.  Trav said it best…he was scared because it felt like the whole thing was going to fall apart.  Watching it from different angles was insane because you can totally see the track swaying.  FUN!

I think our favorite ride of the day was Scream.  It’s a free fall ride, like most amusement parks have.  Rather than slowly taking you to the top, this one launches you up, drops you, launches, drops, slowly takes you to the top, makes you agonize over dropping and just when you get cozy, drops you like a bad habit.  DAMN!  I screamed the whole time.  And then we went on it another two times.  My screaming never stopped.

We went on almost every single ride (one was closed), so I’m not going to write about them all.  Before we left, I had to get one of my favorite treats in the universe…

I love funnel cake.

Our day at Six Flags was September 25th.  That happens to be the same day that Trav and I went on our first date back in 1999.  Long story short: I was playing a soccer tournament in SC and Mom drove me home so I could go to the homecoming dance with Trav.  The rest is history.

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4 Responses to “Get Some!”

  1. Megan says:


  2. Mom says:

    BEST drive I ever made! Hey! What were you doing 1 year ago! I think I was preparing to gain a S.I.L.!

  3. Patrick says:

    Take that mangoooo…

  4. AK47 says:

    not a funnel cake fan. sorry.

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