Lake Day!

A few weeks ago we ventured down to Canyon Lake for some fun in the sun with my co-workers.

Canyon Lake is 60ish miles from Austin and the drive itself was pretty boring.  We did see a pack of deer cross the street.

Can you see them?

Of course, seeing deer sparked a Johnny-NoLight-esque conversation.  About 100 yards down the road, I pointed at a busted tire on the side of the road and began to sing, “Opossum is out/Middle of the day/Fire in his eyes/He’s coming MY WAY…”

Let me tell you this, Canyon Lake is blue.  I mean, downright BLOOH!  And gorgeous.  Driving there reminded me of going to the lake house back home.  After a few turns down some narrow streets BOOM beautiful homes and a giant lake popped up out of nowhere.

<<No photos available.  iPhone drowned in the lake.>>

We bar-b-qued, boozed, and bobbed in the water.  I work with some really cool people.  The most important thing that happened that day was Sally and her TV show suggestion for us.  More on that later.

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