The Wedding Trifecta: Part 3 of 3

Wedding Weekend #3: Blake & Erin…aka The Culmination of Awesomeness

As usual, the flight attendants at the airport made several announcements about it being a full flight and how to properly stow your carry-on items.  They made empty threats about not being able to board the flight if a passenger had more than two carry-ons (“If you have a back pack, computer bag and a brief case, you have three personal items and will not be permitted to board this aircraft.”).  I was thankful to have an aisle seat so I wouldn’t be wedged between two strangers.  Well, it turns out that wasn’t a legit concern for me…

Me & My Neighbor on the "Full Flight"

I arrived in Atlanta late Thursday night and started baking as soon as I got to the house.

Friday morning I worked as quickly as I could so I’d be ready to go to the rehearsal.  The bridal party met at the venue and we practiced a few times.  There was a little time to kill so a few of us went next door to Henry’s to have a few drinks.  We then headed over to the dinner.

Blake’s family prepared an awesome Cuban meal for us.  Everyone at our table was just in awe of how awesome the rice and beans were.  I mean, it’s rice and beans, right?  Wrong!  They were incredible.  There were yucca fries, a ballin’ salad, conch fritters, fried plantains and lots of other goodies, too.  For dessert, they served guava pastries and bread pudding.  I totally over-ate.

The Girls

The Boys

Trav and I had to head home a little early so I could finish the cake.  I must admit that Trav, Tyler and Ansley totally saved the day when it came time to paint the leaves for the cake.  I had them painting while I boxed up the tiers and cut the dowels.  Thanks, guys!

Blake & Erin's Wedding Cake! Photo by Christy Parry

Blake! Err...I mean, the Groom's Cake. Photo by Christy Parry

After I stacked the cake and arranged the leaves, I transitioned into bridesmaid mode.  A few of Erin’s coworkers from Salon & Spa Venessa were there to do our hair/make-up.  Thirty-nine bobby pins later, I had a rockin’ hair-do for the wedding.  I will admit that it felt a little weird to have someone other than Erin playing with my hair.  (NOTE:  If you’re in the market for a new stylist or want to try a new salon, SSV is the place to go.  Trust me, it r00lz.  Oh, and if you wanna see Erin, be sure to ask for Kate.)

In between a few emotional moments, we danced and sang in the bridal suite while we waited for the awesomeness to begin.  The ceremony was outside and as we lined up, it started to rain.  Thankfully, only a few droplets fell, but it was enough for a rainbow.

Blake and Erin hired the same photographer, Christy Parry, that we used for our wedding and her photos are phenomenal.  Because they r00l so hard, I’ll tell the rest of B&E’s wedding story with photos.

Photo by Christy Parry

Photo by Christy Parry

Photo by Christy Parry

Moustache Men! Photo by Christy Parry

They had a rockin’ DJ and I finally had a chance to eat some of my own cake.  I kept saying, “Wow, this is really good!”  It’s funny to think about how many I’ve made and how few I’ve eaten.

I was on an emotional roller coaster most of the weekend.  I cried at the rehearsal.  And again at the dinner when Blake’s dad welcomed Erin to the family.  There were a few more tearful moments but the most significant one for me came when Blake stepped down to take Erin up the steps to begin the ceremony.  Seeing them stare into each other’s eyes for the first time that day just filled my little ol’ heart with love.  You may not know this but Blake and Erin are our parallel family, and I felt really close to them in that moment (ya know…remembering how we felt on our wedding day and getting to watch them share the same feelings…damn, I’m going to cry again just thinking about it!).  Trav and I are so happy for our friends.  It’s…it’s awe…it’s awe-some.

On Sunday, we encountered a giant fiasco with Trav’s wallet, but we made it back to Austin (on separate flights) thanks to the following people: Ed, Tracey, Meg Evans, Ansley and last but certainly not least, Mr. Tyler B. Hill.  We love all of you!

One quick little side note…for us, the best part of getting back home after a trip is the little guy that’s waiting here for us.  The moment Trav and I set foot back in the house, we’re greeted by the sweetest Melvin Blooh you’ll ever see.  He talks to us while making biscuits, rubbing his face in Trav’s beard and stopping occasionally to suck on my chin.

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    I do so love you!

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