Happy [Belated] Birthday, America!

To celebrate the 3rd of July, we decided to float the river with Holly and her friend Steve, who was in town on business from Chicago.

I didn’t want to risk ruining my phone, so we don’t have any pictures of this first experience.  We rented toobs from and used the shuttle service of Don’s Fish Camp.  The place is a little scary, but it was so awesome.

We had a cooler full of beer and sunscreen and floated while talking, laughing and having a grand ol’ time.  Somehow, I was the only one who walked away with two skinned knees and several bruises.  You’ll have to come float with us some time to see how these “injuries” occur.

After our journey down the river, we had a little picnic by the car, where we raged on Weaver dip and other goodies, and then went back to the house.

I had to work on the 4th, but we grilled out that night and then hit the town because none of us had to work on the 5th.

We started out at Congress Bridge, watched the bats fly around and watched the dogs play by the river.  Then we headed down to 6th Street to have some fun.

A Neat Little Mural

One thing Trav and I haven’t done yet is enjoy any of the rooftop patios.  Well, they r00l!

Trav, Me, Holly & Steve

View From a Rooftop Patio

Our final stop was at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar.  OMG.  Words can’t describe the awesomeness of this place.  We’ve definitely added it to the list of places we’ll take you when you visit.











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3 Responses to Happy [Belated] Birthday, America!

  1. Mom says:

    Hey Hon! Love learning about Austin through you. You should forward this to the Chamber of Commerce!

  2. Ma-i-la says:

    This sounds like tons of fun! I want to come visit! When will the temp be below 90 degrees?

  3. AK47 says:

    thanks for the invite, but there’s no way in hell i’m coming to visit you on purpose during the summer. gawd, it’s freakin’ hot there.

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