Before reading any further, please click the following video, let the music start, get your tissues ready and then go on.

Once upon a time, in a land called Woodstock, there lived a kangaroo-boi named Carl Hill.  He played and frolicked with his best friend Maggie.  They chased the geese, swam in the pool and got plenty of love and affection.

One by one, the humans slowly left for college, Maggie went to heaven and pretty soon Carl was left laying on the deck while the cats rubbed against him in the sunshine.  As Carl’s allergies got worse and worse, he decided he wanted more.  He wanted to live inside!

And that’s the story of how Carl came to live with us.  Trav and I got him a kennel, indoor doggie beds and began house training him.  We remember one of the only times he peed inside…Carl looked kind of confused, started to squat (because he pees like a girl) by the fireplace….we let out a NOOOOOOOOO and Trav carried him outside (while peeing).  After that, he totally got it and house training him was a snap.

He soon got into the same routine as Billoween: early morning wake up; potty; eat; hang out while we got ready for work; nap in the kennel; potty and play in the afternoon; eat dinner; potty a few more times; SLEEP IN THE BED!

What more could a dog ask for?  He was instantly a large, hairy part of our lives.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a few minor bad things to go along with the greatness of Carl.  He loves getting into trash.  He likes to eat socks and puke them up on the carpet.  He sheds a lot.  He likes to get into the trash.  He pukes.  Did I mention trash and puking?

If we were ever sitting at the kitchen table, which we did a lot, he’d nudge our elbows to get some petting/play time action.  He’d put his paws up on the bed (or the seat of the car) and turn around while he waited for someone to hoist his back end.  He’d let out his morning time yawn-squeal to let us know he was awake and would get up whenever we were ready.  His personality is just as adorable as his blocky head and big brown eyes.

His true master, JMac, visited when he wasn’t busy with school and always reminded us that he’d take Carl after graduation.  We usually brushed it off, not really wanting to think about the possibility of Carl leaving us.

JMac graduated in December and wanted to be a ski bum for 4 months.  Yes!  More time for us to have Carl.  When it came time to move to Austin, JMac said to take him with us and he’d pick him up in April.  April came and went and we still had Carl.  Same thing happened in May.  Deep down, I was hoping JMac would never show up.  But he did.

Well, we knew this would happen one day, but neither one of us wanted to accept it.  Carl’s biological father knocked on the door last week and took him from us.  Trav took this photo as they were pulling out of the driveway.

Carl & the Dog-Nappers

Rather than get another pup, we’re just gonna move to where Carl lives…Boulder, CO.  Here’s a little iPhone-photo-montage of some great Carl Hill moments:

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4 Responses to MAJOR UPDATE!

  1. Mom says:


  2. Hollz Ballz says:

    Purrrrty damn cute:) But I wanna know if you guys really are movin to Boulder? If so… well dang!

  3. MaMa T & Meg says:

    Looks to us like Carl has had a pretty dang good life so far… wouldn’t mind being Carl for a while!

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