A Visit from Dad, DW and a Doggie (aka Buddy Mannn)

Because my dad is still working in Louisiana, DW flew in for a long weekend and they all came out for a visit.

Friday night, we went down to watch the bats come out, but were a little late so we just sat by the river and had a few drinks.  After that, we headed over to Red’s Porch for a late dinner.

I had to work Saturday afternoon, so the rest of the gang did a little window shopping after brunch at Opal Divine’s.

They also stopped for drinks at a place called Doc’s and everyone thought it was great.  I’m excited to try it myself!

Saturday night, we took Dad and DW to Uncle Billy’s on Lake Travis.  This location is in what I would call a restaurant super-center.  It kind of looked like a strip mall/shopping center, but it was just restaurants (with the occasional little shop).  We got there just in time for sunset and it was a great meal.  Great food.  Great beer.

Some of the Other Restaurant Decks

Sunset On Lake Travis

Meanwhile, Buddy spent most of his time humping Carl.

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