4 at 4

We took a little vacation and flew out to Vail, CO for Jmac’s birthday, which happened to be closing weekend.  Wow.  Closing weekend was wild.  We spent a couple of days on the mountain and got to experience 4 at 4.  In a nut shell, everyone wears costumes and congregates at the top of chair 4 at 4pm for a massive party.  Check it out for yourself:

Old Man Rach

If you’re into skiing/snowboarding, this is something  you should experience at least once.

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One Response to 4 at 4

  1. SnowDotCom says:

    Did you get a chance to go to the World Championships for Pond Skimming? That’s a great event as well on closing day at Vail and another crazy thing to see. http://buzz.to/y2HDd

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