Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

…and the term everybody now includes ME!

As most of you know, I’ve been house-wifing since we got to Austin.  It’s fun because I can leisurely do housework, cook, run errands, read, workout and blog.  I get to watch Carl, Billo and Melvin Blooh sleep all day, but it gets pretty boring.  And lonely.

If you knew me as a child, you know that I wanted to be a vet when I “grew up” (I’m still not totally convinced that I’ve achieved that at this point).  When it came time to decide on colleges, I was looking at another 8 years of school and it just didn’t sound appealing to me.  I was new to cake decorating and decided I’d go to business school and hopefully start a cake business.

Even though I’m glad that I went to KSU for business and have made hundreds of cakes over the years, there’s still a small piece of me that wonders if maybe I missed my true calling in the field of veterinary medicine.

Well, Austin is giving me an opportunity to get my feet wet in another new experience.  I landed a customer service coordinator position at an animal hospital.  YEEEEHAW!  I am really enjoying it so far.

Seriously, how can you have a bad day when you see so many dog smiles and tiny baby kittens?

My only complaint so far: BE CREATIVE WHEN NAMING YOUR FURRY FRIENDS!  I know not every dog is a “Carl” or “Billoween” and not every cat has eyes blooh enough to warrant the name Melvin Blooh, but it’s just silly to see three dogs in one day who all have the same name.

In case you’re wondering, the best pet name I’ve seen so far is a cat named Batman.  No, the owner wasn’t a 7 year old boy, it was a woman who is definitely over 60.

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