Other than getting some furniture for the house, the only other purchase we intended on making was a couple of bikes.  We bought matching husband and wife Harleys.

That’s a yoke, son.  We got bicycles.  And they don’t match.  Trav got a road bike and I got a step-through hybrid.  Now this seems like it was a quick and easy purchase but the task consumed an entire Saturday, plus returning Trav’s original bike the next morning.

Between our stops at several bike shops around town, we had lunch at Fricano’s.  This was actually our second meal there, because we ate there on our house scouting trip.

It’s a tiny little sandwich shop and we’ve tried all four of their veggie sandwiches.  They’re so fresh…fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, etc.  Deelish!

Sunday monring, we pedaled to breakfast at Crepes Mille, a food truck on Congress Avenue.

Now I’ll tell ya, I love crepes.  I distinctly remember eating my first crepe on the streets in Paris with Mrs. Bentley in 1999.  It was filled with bananas and Nutella and changed my life.

I had the Lemon Sugar and Trav got the Berry Delight.

I don’t love berries, but that Berry Delight was awesome.  Of course, I loved the Lemon Sugar, too.  They also have a bunch of savory crepes, so we’ll definitely be going back a few more times to try out other things on the menu.  Can’t wait!

Since then, I’ve made a few solo trips on my bike to places like the library and the grocery store:

*Virtual-high-five to those who “get” the title of this post and find it funny.

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One Response to Shocks…Pegs…Lucky!

  1. Patrick says:

    You ever take ’em over any sweet jumps?

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