Hangin’ with Mr. Colin

Because Austin is so famous for its live music scene, it doesn’t surprise me that in our first month here, we’ve been able to catch up with two of our friends.  First, we saw Billy play at the rodeo and then Colin came through town on tour with Breathe Carolina.  Colin runs badass live sound, so if you’re in a band and need a sound guy, he’s your dude.

On our way downtown, we stopped for dinner at another food truck park and ate at a place called Sushi-A-Go-Go.  It r00led!


After dinner we met up with Colin in front of Emo’s, one of the many venues downtown.  We had a beer at a place called The Red Eyed Fly.  Our cab driver suggested we try that place because it’s not as “frat-tastic” as most of the places on 6th Street (no offense to our homies that were in a fraternity/sorority…there’s always one douchey person who makes other people form stereotypes).  Of course, a band was playing, and we didn’t have ear plugs, so we didn’t stay too long.

Some of the people on tour with Colin were at a place called the Thirsty Nickel, so we moseyed that way.  Uhhh…it was, um, interesting…yes, interesting and totally not our kind of place.  We didn’t even stay long enough to get the bartender’s attention.

The tour bus was parked right next to a food truck that serves pizza that smelled mouth watering.  Now you’re probably wondering why we didn’t want pizza from a food truck.  I mean, all we do out here is eat, right?  So why not try some pizza?  Because there was a freakin’ food truck SELLING DONUTS ABOUT 10 STEPS DOWN THE SIDEWALK.  Jackpot!

The deliciousness I speak of is a glorious place called Doc Munchies on the corner of 6th and Red River.

Doc Munchies!

They have several different flavors and we chose the Mexican Hot Chocolate.  They handed me a bag of piping hot donuts dusted in cocoa, cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper.  Holy-Mother-of-Pearl, they were amazing.

These are the donuts, not poo particles.

Thank goodness they’re only open Friday & Saturday 8pm-3am, or I’d be one of those things that’s bigger in Texas.

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