Miscellaneous Outings

Because I’m not working right now, I’ve had some time during the day to explore the area a little bit.  I’ve learned the streets pretty well by getting lost and turning around numerous, numerous times.

My first outing took me to Austin Public Library.  I was really in search of free Wi-Fi and it was one of the closest places.  Since my initial visit, I’ve gone back, gotten a library card and checked out a book.  I’ve officially started the first book on my (unofficial) LOST book club reading list.  I was kind of in a pinch and the only one I could remember off hand was Lord of the Flies.  It feels good to have time to read.  SQEEE!

My next free Wi-Fi search landed me at Fair Bean Coffee.  There are a ton of coffee shops around here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this one ends up being my favorite.  The staff was nice and friendly and you get a discount if you bring your own to-go cup!  Have you ever tried to plug in your power cord at Starbucks?  No?  Well I have and it’s nearly impossible.  At Fair Bean, they have power strips every where!  Another prime example of how nice they are.  All of the food items are made from local ingredients by local people.  I chose the Weird Nut Latte and a piece of zucchini bread.  What’s a Weird Nut Latte?  To be honest, I can’t remember everything that’s in it…except one thing: Nutella.  Enough said.

Weird Nut Latte & Zucchini Bread

Another day, I took Carl to Zilker Park.  On the way there, he decided that he’d rather go to Popeye’s instead.

"Can't we stop here instead?"

Even though he begged and flashed his Sad Carl Eyes, I said no.  I’m a mean mom, I know, but we’re trying to support local businesses and Popeye’s isn’t local.  Carl didn’t understand.  We continued on to the park and Carl had a great time.

"Hey guys!"

Carl let some little kids pet him and we shared a banana.  I really enjoyed our outing, except the whole deal where I have to pick up his poop.

We live in walking (or long-boarding) distance of a place called Beverage Barn.  It’s a really sweet drive thru beer store.

Can shopping get any better than this?

One Saturday night Trav went up there on his long board, got a case of beer and back to the house in exactly 6 minutes.  It rooled!

Wondering what the name of our blog means?  Visit the (newly updated) About page for the deets.

Trivia Question of the Day:  What were Trav & I doing exactly one year ago today?  The first person to comment with the correct answer will get a prize.  I mean that.  You’ll get a real prize in the mail.  You have until 11:59pm on Sunday April 10th to submit your answers.  If your last name is Hill or Farist, or you’re dating someone with that last name, you’re disqualified.  Sorry.  Good luck to everyone else!

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6 Responses to Miscellaneous Outings

  1. Mom says:

    I will sell the answer! Hit me up!

  2. Mom says:

    You forgot the Rice’s, they can enter either!

  3. AK47 says:

    you were in hawaii … ?

  4. AK47 says:

    did i win … ?

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