First Weekend, SXSW & Kickoff Party

Our first weekend in Austin was pretty productive.  We woke up early, unpacked and made a list of things we needed to get to make this house our home.  First stop: IKEA.

Because we left most of our furniture behind, we picked up a couch, coffee table, table and chairs, a bathroom shelf, and a drying rack for the kitchen.  We also snagged a washer and dryer off Craigslist before we returned the U-Haul.

We unpacked and built furniture for most of the afternoon, but stopped before we finished so we could go downtown and experience the tail end of SXSW.  Our plan was to walk north, grab a bite to eat and get a taxi to take us to 6th street.

We walked about 2 miles and stopped at Food Truck Land for dinner and ate at a place called Coat & Thai.

Boy, was it delicious!  I had the Pad Kee Mao with tofu and Trav had the Veggie Lover.  It’s pretty much guaranteed that if when you come to visit, you’ll eat one of your meals there.  While we ate, Trav looked at the map and saw that we were only about 1.5 miles from downtown, so we just kept walking.

As we walked, music was coming from all directions.  There was a band playing at pretty much every place we passed.  We finally made it to 6th Street and it was nuts!  The streets were packed with people.  Bands were playing in every establishment and some were even set up on the streets and sidewalks.  There were so many places to go and bands to hear, that it was difficult to make a decision.  We ended up going back to Lovejoy’s and had a few beers.  Next year, we’ll be prepared with a plan of who we want to see, where they’re playing and what time.

We spent Sunday unpacking and building the last of the furniture.  We made trips to Walmart and Lowe’s for supplies and started cleaning the house.

That night, we went to an Averna/NI kick off dinner at Roaring Fork.  The food was amazing.  We had an appetizer platter that included a fried avocado dish.  Thankfully, Gary and Justin (Trav’s co-workers) don’t like avocado, so I had four servings.  That’s a whole avocado, people!  For dinner, I had the oven roasted shrimp & cheese grits.  Trav had the fish of the day with couscous.  Both were delicious!

So far, the food in Austin has been wonderful.  I’m pretty confident that every post will mention at least one meal we’ve eaten.

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