The Big Move

After packing all day Monday and Tuesday, some of our awesome friends (Mike Waters, Stockmal, Jason & Barbie, Pat and Tyler) helped us load the trailer Tuesday night.  It went really quickly with all of the extra hands and almost everything we wanted to take with us fit inside the trailer.  There were only two problems: determining what to leave behind and a very low trailer hitch.  Later that night, a few more people (Megan Watson, Meg Evans, Nips & Kaila, Joey & Allison, Ben, The Weavers, Ma & Pa Hill) stopped by to say goodbye.  It didn’t really hit me that we were leaving until I saw Erin.

Our goal was to leave early Wednesday morning, but the house wasn’t ready and neither were we.  We worked all day to get everything in order…including unloading the trailer by ourselves so we could flip the hitch over and raise it up a bit.  We ended up leaving the washer and dryer behind to lighten the load and make room for a few other things.

We finally got it all done, slept for a while and left in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday.

We all got on Tyler's bed to wake him up before we left.

Here we go!

Carl rode with Trav and I had Billowen and Melvin in the car with me.  Bailey slept the whole way, except for our stop at Chick Fil A and Melvin was either napping or taking a bath.

"Hey...guys...I think I swallowed a bug."

"I want some Chick-Fil-A!"

"Hey, riding in a car ain't so bad after all. Thanks for not taking me to the vet."

Rather than getting a hotel for the night, we took a little detour and spent the night at my dad’s place in Louisiana.  We grabbed some dinner a new Mexican restaurant and then stopped off for a beer with Dad’s LA buddies.

That night was pretty comical.  3 humans.  4 animals.  Carl likes to pant and managed to shake the whole camper while doing so.  At some point during the night, Melvin pounced on Dad’s face and I woke up with both Carl and Billoween asleep on top of me.

Carl, Melvin, Buddy and Billoween

We left the next morning around 7:45am and started the last leg of our journey to Texas.

We got to Austin and met the leasing agent at the house to get the keys.  We started unloading and unpacking to make sure we got our bed set up so we could get some good sleep.  Our intention was to finish the bed and head downtown for SXSW but we fell asleep right after dinner.

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