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Other than getting some furniture for the house, the only other purchase we intended on making was a couple of bikes.  We bought matching husband and wife Harleys. That’s a yoke, son.  We got bicycles.  And they don’t match.  Trav … Continue reading

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Hangin’ with Mr. Colin

Because Austin is so famous for its live music scene, it doesn’t surprise me that in our first month here, we’ve been able to catch up with two of our friends.  First, we saw Billy play at the rodeo and … Continue reading

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Where’s Melvin Monday – Chapter 3

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Carl the Small

We took Carl to the dog park one day after work.  Normally, when he goes somewhere, he’s the biggest dog around.  Not this day: Carl met two Great Danes!  Doesn’t he look tiny between them?  The black and white Dane … Continue reading

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Where’s Melvin Monday – Chapter 2

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Freebirds vs Chipotle

A few years ago, Trav and I set out on a personal journey of discovery.  Well, really, we just went around trying to find the best burrito. We tried Moe’s (decent), Willy’s (good, better than Moe’s), Chilito’s (awful) and Chipotle … Continue reading

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We’re Celebrating! (Updated with Deets)

One year ago today, Trav & I were in Hawaii.  We were trying to rent an SUV to get to the summit of Mauna Kea to “stargaze.”  Little did I know, this whole trip wasn’t about LOST or stargazing… We … Continue reading

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