Rachael’s Final Thoughts

Even though we’ve been home for a while now, I wanted to do one final post just to sum things up.  I couldn’t close out the Austin blog with a post about Colorado.  That just isn’t right.

Even though the circumstances that took us to Austin weren’t so cool, we really enjoyed ourselves.  We loved exploring a fun new city.  We loved sharing the city with our friends and family that came to visit.  We loved living in a tiny house.  We LOVE Austin.

Austin will always have a piece our of hearts and we plan on visiting again…maybe sooner than you think.

Even though we’re back in the ‘burbs, in the same town we’ve lived in forever, we’ve got some cool stuff going on.  Like, so cool.  So, check out the new blog: Jacob Sent Me.

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Why We Love Colorado

As most of you know, we left Austin, dropped our stuff off in Georgia and then turned around and went to Colorado to snowboard like maniacs for the rest of the season.  Here’s a little taste of why we love Colorado:

Ironing is actually fun.

Hiking with Carl.

Hiking with Billoween.

Billoween loves CO for the floor heaters.

However, nothing beats riding on a blue bird day.  Or a powder day.  Or any day, really.

Top of Imperial Express at Breck.

PBJ + PBR = Lunch of Champions

Views like this.

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Where’s Melvin Monday – Chapter 52

Yes, this post is two days late.  BUT, it’s post number 52 and today is exactly one year after I did the very first installment of Where’s Melvin Monday.  It just feels right, right?  Because 9bitn00bz is going into retirement when we get back to Atlanta next week, these weekly Melvin photos will be retired, too.  Don’t worry, you’ll still see that white fluff ball, just not every single Monday.  A cat’s gotta have a life.  And I don’t want to be a stage mom — constantly forcing him into the spotlight.

Because this is the last WMM post, Melvin wanted something a little more “glamorous.”

There's Melvin!

By the way, the new blog name will be announced soon!

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Gaper Day, Y’all!

If you’re anything like us, your first thought was, “What the heck is a gaper?”

From UrbanDictionary.com:

this is acutally an acronym that stand for Guaranteed Accident Prone on Every Run. Referring for a skier or snowboarder, usually wearing bright 80’s ski gear that cannot ski or ride, or a tourist in a mountain town who walks around with their mouth agape in awe of the mountains!
A skier or snowboarder who sucks and is usually spotted wearing clothing from 1983, but other clothing styles for them do exist. A dead giveaway of a gaper is when their pants are tucked into their boots and the famous “Gaper Gap” (a gap between the helmet/hat and the goggles).

On April 1st, we loaded up some food and beer and headed over to A-Basin to celebrate this glorious holiday with our spiritual guide, Reverend Cody, JMac and Annie.  I think Gaper Day can be summarized in two words: GIGANTIC PARTY.  Then, I’d add a little footnote along these lines: where everyone dresses like an idiot.  There was a little snowboarding, a lot of eating and even more beer drinking.

Cody took a ton of photos and no matter how I describe the event, I don’t think I could ever do it justice.  So here’s an insider’s peek at Gaper Day 2012 at A-Basin through the lens of Reverend Cody:

Trav helped Cody trim his beard.


Cody wasn't the only one in a blue onsie.

A Bunch of Gapers & a Hot Dog

This is what happens when you yell, "Come get in our photo!" to everyone getting off the lift. Awesome.

This one speaks for itself.

Long story short, Gaper Day is my new favorite holiday.

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Where’s Melvin Monday – Chapter 51

Where's Melvin?

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Moving & Packing. Packing & Moving.

Not everyone knew we were leaving Austin.  We kept it on the DL so we could surprise some peeps in GA, like Trav’s parents.  I started this blog post and kept it unpublished so I wouldn’t blow our cover.

Monday March 12, 2012:

This morning, I called our utility companies here in Austin to disconnect our service as of March 20th.  Over the last few days, it’s becoming more and more real that we’re leaving, but this definitely bumped it up a level.

I’m about to pull out the moving boxes that I saved from last year and figure out if we need more tape.  Packing officially starts tomorrow!

Wednesday March 14, 2012:

Today was my second to last day at work.  We all ate pizza during a team meeting and they got me this:

Cookie Cake. Yum.

Tomorrow is my final day.  I know it’s gonna be sad.  I’ve gone through my last opening last weekend and last time I’ll close.  Tomorrow will be my last day.  Ever.  Well, maybe not ever.  Who knows!  What I do know is that I’ll miss my co-workers, our clients and our patients more than any of them will ever know.  (And boy, was it sad!  Cory made two pies for me and brought them to the hospital on her day off.  So cool.  It was busy as usual, so I didn’t really have time to think about it being my last day.  The first day I ever worked was with Kristina, so I was pleased to spend my last day with her, too.  We completed the circle, I guess you could say.  After I clocked out, I gathered my stuff and gave everyone a farewell high five.  A select few got hugs, but I totally would have cried if I had hugged everyone.)

Packing is officially under way.  All of my clothes are packed — minus what I’m wearing to SXSW this weekend.  The dirties will probably go in a trash bag and washed in Georgia.  Piece of cake.

I’d estimate that the kitchen is 1/2 packed.  The coffee pot is still out because we’ll definitely need it in the morning (this is proving to be a late night).  The dishes and what’s left of the glasses still need to be wrapped but I’m not too worried about it.

My “attention to detail” is really paying off with this whole moving back thing.  All of the boxes I saved were labeled with the contents, so I’m just packing them the same way.  Again, this = cake.  Time for much needed sleep.

Oh, and the weather the last few days has r00led really hard.  So excited for Tyler and Ansley to roll in tomorrow!

Tyler drove through the night so they crashed for the rest of the day/night when they arrived in Austin.  Even missed dinner!

After everyone was well rested, we made our way to Sixth Street for a little SXSW fun.  We soon heard the magic words: “Free food!  Free booze!”  Score!  I caught on pretty quick though.  They were filming a battle of the bands and needed people in the background.  Not bad, eh?

Hey, The Party Is Up Here

Camera Guy

The Judges

The Girls

Ansley & The Boys

After each band, they would do an interview to see what the audience thought.  They picked Tyler for one of the segments.  Like, so cool.  Here are some other random SXSW photos:

Two Beards!

Love This Show!

We didn’t make it to the Workaholics party, but we met some people who did and they said it kind of sucked.

For our final meal in Austin, we went to dinner at Uncle Billy’s.  And we filled four growlers while we were there.

We were up all night and then got up early to head east.

Just Before We Left

Shit's Real Now

My Co-Pilot

Trav's Backseat Driver

We were less than 30 minutes outside of Austin and Trav got a flat tire.  We unloaded all of the recording equipment from his trunk to get to his spare tire.  It was a donut.  Whomp, whomp.  So I threw the flattie in my front seat and went to get a new one.  The dudes at the tire shop were super fast and had the new tire on in no time.

Finally, we were on our way and drove for what seemed like an eternity.  Lots of loud singing, Dr Pepper and sunflower seeds managed to keep me awake.  At one point, we stopped in a WaHo parking lot and did some Insanity exercises to get the blood flowin’.  We rolled into our ‘hood at 3:30am CST…and I refused to convert to Eastern time, because it only made me feel more tired during the drive.

We unloaded our stuff, packed some “different” clothes and then reloaded the car.  But, why?

Holy Crap

…to go finish the ski season in Colorado, of course!  That drive was much more bearable because we were all together and we stopped in Tulsa to spend the night with Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Carene.  They rock.  They fed us and we passed out.

We were both looking forward to driving in the snow, but there isn’t any on the ground.  I had to get the heat in my car fixed before we left Austin, but we’re using the A/C.  Weird, right?

Melvin Loves The Car

Even though we’ve left Austin, I’m going to keep blogging here about our next few weeks in Colorado.  I’ll retire the ol’ 9bitn00bz when we get back home.

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Home Tour! Free Admission!

For those of you that haven’t been to Austin to visit us, it’s about damn time y’all see what our house looks like!  Here’s the grand tour of our 668 square foot house:

Little House in the City

Living Room & Dining Area

More of the Living Room

Other Side of the Living Room and Melvin's Shelf


Kitchen Sink & Drying Rack

Stove, W/D & Spice Racks

Tiny Hallway


Most Comfortable Bed Ever

Dresser and "Misc Storage Area"

My Closet and a Peek into the Bathroom

Everything Looks Small Next to This Bed

Trav's Studio

Wall of Instruments

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